Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Cookin' In My Kitchen

Our new kitchen is absolutely marvelous. It has everything I could ask for - huge pantry, tons of cabinet space, granite, and a low island perfect for entertaining. While nothing is "wrong" in every technical sense of the word, it does not fit the mold on the perfect kitchen I have always envisioned.

Wishin' & Hopin' for:
  • White, Antiqued Cabinets - on hold for funding
  • Farm Sink (DH said its a no-go - cannot alter/cut cabinets or granite)
  • Taupe Walls - not a fan of the current rusty, brown
  • Silver and Ironware Filling the soffits above cabinets - will have to create the look
  • Copper accents throughout

Hurdles - there are always hurdles...budget - is painting perfectly fine oak cabinets worth pausing other necessary items, i.e. a new mattress? Painting the walls is just a matter of me lacking time. The appliances will be black and the refrigerator is almond (for now).

Disclaimer - Please forgive me for not knowing the source of all these lovely pictures.
I had collected them months and months ago, before I'd given a thought to noting the info.

1 comment:

  1. Your kitchen looks fabulous! Hanging pots & pans will look divine in it. Your inspiration board is totally adorable too. It's cozy.