Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Surprise Additions to the House

I gave myself a challenge as we settle in to our new home. My DH being a pilot allowing me several days a week while he is out of town to make aesthetic "home improvements". This is fabulous for two reasons - 1) I love surprises and 2) what person whom is home 48 hours a week wants to spend those previous hours in their new home unpacking and nesting.

The (secret) added bonus is the art of surprise allows decorating peace between us. I absolutely believe men fall into three categories of decorating: those that care, those that don't like change, and those that cannot envision. My DH is type three - and cannot envision how fabulous the end result will be, leading him to be hesitant when my bandwagon passes by. (To compat resistance in decorating see this article on This Young House)

Here is a quick tour of the decorations made with DH away this week. (I did not get a massive amount done - but, still impressed that Mums and I were able to do all this heavy listing ourselves!)

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