Monday, April 27, 2009


Months ago, when I was way deep into planning my wedding, bride-obsessed zone, I stumbled across this beauty below. What a perfect way to sort my response cards as they came in, or better yet, after my wedding, create a new “retro” address book that would allow for easy Christmas card distribution. A lovely design limited edition creation - only 1,000 crafted. I knew I needed it – but, didn’t have the $70 cash to spare. And like lighting – they were sold out.

I have searched for months and months to find a noble stand-in, but couldn’t find one that was just right. (Martha Stewart even tortured me by featuring the lovely design version in MS Weddings weeks after being sold out.) I also struggled with plopping down any cash for it, as I was afraid I would lose enthusiasm half-way through, and succumb to the wonderful digital address keeper my Macbook has to offer.

Then, in steps our heroine.
  • Heavy, Cardstock tabs – check;
  • Pretty Patina Wood – check;
  • $1.99 – Winner!

    While it may seem silly to you, this was a victory in my book. Now all she needs is a few extra up-cycled cards added for a personal touch.
Nothing like a successful bargain hunt to brighten any day!

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