Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to the H.O.C!

We did it! We closed on our house and are now officially members of the H.O.C. - Home Owner's Club.

Our fabulous realtor asked at closing when we were moving in, and I promptly replied – “Tonight!”. Who could stand to wait any longer?

To be a foreclosure – the house is in pretty immaculate condition.

Tasks accomplished tonight:

  • Vacuum entire house
  • Change Door Locks (from Freddie Mac’s master key)
  • Assemble Bed
  • 2nd Vacuum Pass
  • Replace all 11 batteries for Smoke Detectors (insane amount of beeping)

I met a neighbor, who happens to be 8, and he was kind enough to inform me “that beeping noise is soooo loud; it’s been going on since before they left”. Duly noted and fixed!

Sidenote: The DH was slightly disappointed to learn, unlike on HGTV, they do not hand you keys at closing. You then must wait an additional 3 hours while they procure the funds. Definitely more anti-climatic then we were prepared for.

Blessings and Hugs,


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