Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Currently Lovin'...Traveler's Notebook

Not only do I find the aesthetics appealing, the functionality and uses are enchanting. This notebook instantly transforms me into a mindset that I need to capture not only the daily nuisances as well as my life adventures.

“Capturing the moment matters most when you capture the heart of the moment.” Angelo Jorge

This quote sums it up the most. I would be so inspired by this brilliant notebook to capture the adventure my heart takes daily. To jot down the simple pleasures in life – my baby’s new ability to belly laugh, grab things, and smile – as well as the DIY projects I am constantly finding inspiration for throughout the happenings of my daily routine.

Even though I may not be the typical Traveler’s Notebook type of person…this notebook is perfect for my day-to-day working mommy life, as well as for the dreamer and idealist in me, always looking for the good and beauty in everyone and everything. Capturing the inspiration in everything that I always seem to encounter in those things that may seem mundane. With the customization options being endless, the notebook can be as ever evolving as I am throughout my life.

It will also work perfect for those spur of the moment trips darling pilot husband and I seem to take. The flexibility it offers to slip in a new notebook quickly makes it the perfect travel book – new notebook per city, trek, or hurdle I may encounter. If you peruse the flickr group seen here and you can see how much individuality it has as well as the character age brings the Traveler’s Notebook. Mind you, I have been lusting for a while now, but now I am Ob-Sessed at this point.

Previously hard to locate in the US, you can now easily obtain one of your own from here Resor Shop. Naturally, I am drawn to both the brown and black due to my deep love of leather and the patina it gains, but black would blend nicely into my
color palette (although brown ages to perfection). Hurry and grab one from the Resor Shop (they are also doing a giveaway to one lucky person right now too...wink, wink).

Not that the notebook was not enough on its own – did you see the brass accessories? I have always been a bit of a fan of the brass look, as it is classic and refined – but it has even gained popularity in home d├ęcor as of lately. The brass number markers are D-IVINE!

One last bit to gush – did you see their Mason bags? I have been ever searching for this style of bag ever since I saw Ms. Martha Stewart's customization of one. (tut here). I had a Klein tool bag years ago but got lost two moves ago…these are so much better! No logo and the perfect pairing to the Traveler’s Notebook. I have been seeking the source of these bags for years and must thank Resor Shop for finally answering my quest to the ultimate bag! And if you buy enough (the Traveler's Notebook, brass accessories, the bag, et al) - free shipping right now! I digress…will have to post about the Mason another day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Now and Then

Wow....last post was 2009...long time ago. How embarrassing! I could give you the play-by-play of everything that has happened since then...but I'll spare you the details. Highlights of the time that we've missed together:
-New Work assignment - gone B-A-D. Crazy hours, even 60 some weeks for almost a year and a half; to say that is occupied my time would be an understatement...
-Pregnancy - well I don't know anything more than pregnancy that is a motivation killer, blogging was just not gonna happen.
and then comes - B-A-B-Y
He is the most lovely consumption of time that I have ever met...
Then back to work.

Luckily, this project isn't nearly as C-R-A-Z-Y as the as part of my 2012 goal I will get back in the swing of blogging. So bare with me as I get my footing back and fabulous content to post early next year!