Friday, June 12, 2009

T-2 plus 6?

The Sip N' Meet looming in the near future (two days). Literally 62 hours away & I am scrabbling to accomplish the mile long to-do list.

I am the epitome of a procrastinator. (I'm such a big procrastinator - that when I read this Inspired Room Procrastinators Unite challenge, immediately got excited, focused on my goals, made my list - only to push off the imaginary deadline so far, that I missed the challenge all together.)

So this evening, I was racing around like a crazy woman trying to finish up as much as possible to surprised DH when he arrives home from a long week of travel. With the help of Mum, I "staged" my own home. In moments of clarity, swapped 4 pieces of furniture from one room to another, takin' this, swapping's a snapshot of the journey my furniture traveled tonight:

Added the fab chaise, moving arm chair from master to living room. Wooden table went from living to dinning. Small table moved to Master (hold DH's suitcase when home), Chairs moved about, occasional tables swapped, "refreshed" and antiqued pieces finding a home...

The house had evolved in the course of less than two hours. I have a theory on decorating styles (will blog about it later), but my instant itch to get it done hit me, and poof - I saw where the pieces of the furniture puzzle should all fit in my house.

So, T-2 - party being 2 days away had to change the plans. I talked to the fab friend of the Sip N' Meet tonight. Long story short, RSVPs are low, regrets high, meaning the party would be better if we moved it ahead 6 days.

Never what a procrastinator wants to hear, "You have more time"...

Pleasant Dreams!

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  1. Good for you, glad you had some fun shopping the house and rearranging things! Better late than never? Maybe?

    Have fun with it!