Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big Reveal

After much ado, here are the Sip N' Meet invitations that I sent out last week.
(Sorry that portions are blurred - for protection of course - but, I hate the way it makes the pictures look!)
The first picture depicts the unjazzed-up invite, the second the final product.

Click To Enlarge.

The breakdown of the invites:

The base paper is from the Martha Stewart wedding collection boxed invitation set. I luckily found it on clearance at our "Wal-Mart of the future" for $3.50 a box. I picked a paisley paper up at Joann's and found inspiration for the invites colors from this.

I struggled trying to decide if I wanted a graphic design/picture, or just fancy letters. To keep the event less theme oriented and more friendly gathering at the wish of the new mommy, I thought avoiding the typical, darling baby illustrations was best. Also, with my recent obsession with fonts and the impact a great typeface can have, the picture-less path was the way for me.

After designing the invites in photoshop, I took the basic invitation and sent it through my canon printer at home. Once printed, I trimmed the bottom of the invites along the embossed scallop Ms. Stewart's invites provided (this turned out to be my favorite part!).

Using the paisley paper, I added a strip to the back of the invite, allowing the new scallop edge to really pop out against such a graphic paper. Used the remaining paper to line the envelopes - and Voila! Sip N' Meet invitations were born, stamped with the new LOVE stamps, and send to find their happy guest-to-be.

(P.S. - The sweet little baby's older sis just happens to have the middle name Paisley!)


  1. I'm obsessed with those new LOVE stamps! I'd want it as a large print though! It would look lovely in my new living room :)

  2. How fun and exciting!

    I so agree the love stamps are very fun.


  3. They're so pretty!! Love them!

  4. By the way, you have a super cute blog. I'll be stopping back for sure!