Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Housing Process

Buying a house is fabulous - I'm sure after you close and are curled up on the couch coffee and magazine in hand. I can honestly tell you up in to that point it is a roller coaster of emotions and down right it is exasperating! Every step of the way there are pitfalls as a first time home buyer.

DH struggles most when we watch the fab shows on HGTV - "Property Virgins" or "My First Place", and these buyers walk up with no down-payment, 100% financing, and a mortgage far exceeds the necessities of your first house - having no financial uncertainties. Obviously filmed previously, it infuriates him to know that our wavering with mortgage issues was caused by these types of home buyers.

As I step down off the soap box, let me say, I know everything will work out in the end, but this overly structured lady is having a hard time just waiting with nothing finalized and we close in 7 days (craziness I know!).

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